Social networking has become such a big part of people’s lives today. Everyone is rushing to sign up for the next social networking site. People have a Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin page. In spite of age differences and restrictions everyone is dashing to their own space on Myspace. Even celebrities have bought into the idea of having a social networking page for fans to be connected to them. Recently the big craze is being able to video chat with random strangers from around the world. Indeed this form of social networking has taken it to the next level. Of course people need to feel connected to someone in some way. Yet, the ultimate question is what made you connect with these people?

            Did you connect to these people because you are an entrepreneur trying to advertise to potential customers through social networking? Are you trying to be the first one of your friends to connect to a million people? Are you trying to have bragging rights for having the most people in your network? Are you truly trying to connect with other people around the world? Did you connect with them so you could have a captive audience to be subjected to your daily thoughts? What have you gained from being connected to these people?

            When you connected to these people what did you expect to get out of the relationship? Moreover, how are you benefiting by having these people in your network of friends?  Have you had meaningful conversations within your network? Maybe, when you needed someone to say something comforting in your time of sorrow you was hoping that someone in your network would step up to the plate? Perhaps you will encourage someone in your network when their day is just not going right. Are you giving the best of yourself to these people? Are they giving you the best of themselves? Have these people made your life better? Have they been an example of how to live a righteous life? Perhaps you connected with them because they had beautiful eyes. Likewise, maybe you connected with them because they had the most incredible biceps you ever saw in your life. Or did they post such a witty phrase that you just had to connect with this person? Did you lower your standards and connect to these people? Did you set aside your morels and connect to these people? Regardless of their status do these people deserve to be connected to you? They might be your favorite actor or singer, but do they reflect an image that warrants them to be connected to you? Also, if these people no longer wish to be connected to you what will you lose? In the end, ask yourself this very important question.  Why did I connect to these people?